DA-20 .33 HP

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Product Overview

Have a small pond (3/4-acre or less) that's begging for a beautiful, serene-sounding water feature? The 1/3-hp DA-20 Display Aerator was made for you.

Just as our original 3-hp DA-20 does for bigger water features, the new 1/3-hp model keeps small ones interesting to look at, pleasant to listen to, oxygenated and insect-free. Moving 300 gallons of water per minute in a cascading, trumpet-shaped spray, it sweeps algae from the surface, keeps water clean and clear, repels pesky insects, and helps keep fish healthy, muck broken up and your pond bottom clean.

The adjustable spray pattern of our 1/3-hp model measures approximately 5 feet tall and from 9 to 18 feet wide. Larger patterns with higher flow rates are available by upgrading in motor size.

The DA-20 features a stainless-steel, oil-free, submersible motor, making it the most environmentally friendly water aerator on the market. And, with no oil to add or change and no control box required, it's maintenance-free! The DA-20 is even easy to install, requiring just two anchoring ropes and weights or tethers.

Perhaps best of all, the DA-20 is engineered to be left in the water year-round. You'll never need to remove it in fall or re-install in the spring. Simply shut the DA-20 off, allow it to freeze in and forget about it until the thaw. Freezing water does no damage to the DA-20, even in the harshest winter.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, the DA-20 carries an unconditional, 5-year motor warranty. This unit is produced with 70 feet of submersible, 12-gauge power cable.


    • 115-volt, 1/3-hp, oil-free motor.
    • 300 gallons-per-minute flow rate.
    • Default spray pattern measures 5 feet high and 18 feet wide.
    • Spray pattern adjusts in width, as narrow as 7 feet.
    • Electric cable provided is 70 feet long, 12-gauge submersible, with plug.
    • Approved for salt water.
    • Two 30-pound weights or concrete blocks required for anchoring (not included).
    • Two nylon ropes required for anchoring (not included).
    • Designed for 24-hour-per-day operation or with a timer.
    • No maintenance required.
    • Great for ponds up to ¾ acre in size.
    • 5-year motor warranty.
    • 32″ minimum pond depth required.
    • Motor specs: 60 Hz, single-phase, 8 amps, 670 watts, 3450 RPM
    • Available in 3-phase version.
    • Available in 50 Hz


DA20 Brochure

DA20 Third to 1HP Aerator Assembly

One Third HP DA20 Expoded View

Warranty Information

5 year motor warranty.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review