American Policy

From the ground up...American Made!

All of our products are 100% designed and built in the USA.  Maybe it's pride.  Maybe it's us being stubborn. Perhaps it's our desire to see  our country succeed.  Whatever it is, our official policy dictates that all of our products are designed and built in America.

"We've made a promise to ourselves and to our customers that we will not compromise our quality or our beliefs for a few extra dollars profit."

Outsourcing of manufacturing is one of the major reasons that the U.S. is in such dire straights.  The pursuit of the almighty dollar has left us with staggering jobless numbers and a gapping hole in our national security.  For decades, politicians have lined their pockets while they send jobs overseas. Washington D.C has little regard and no respect for the American Worker and Politicians appear to have no respect for the American People in general.

On top of all this, Washington continues to saddle us with a National Debt that is already so vast that it can never be paid off.  Fiscal responsibility has long ago been tossed out the window.

US Solar Mounts has been asked in the past to "set aside our principals" and outsource to China like so many other have done.  WE WILL NOT.  Period.

We will never support any country that finds it acceptable to execute it's own people.  Millions have been slaughtered in China over the decades and it continues to this very day.  If these facts are offensive or upsetting, it is possible that you are on the wrong website.

It is also a well-know fact that China is guilty of Intellectual Property theft that is ongoing.  This costs US companies Billions of Dollars each year.  Make no mistake about it - China is our enemy and they are at war with the United States.  Like it or not, that means you.

American Companies have chosen to go down this road all in the name of "Profit"  We simply will not follow suit. 


US Solar Mounts challenges other manufacturers to bring jobs back to America.


US Solar Mounts strives to be part of the solution and will not contribute to the problem.