Zoned Aeration Control - Digital

U.S. Solar Mounts

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Operating Voltage:
120 or 240VAC, 24VDC Optional
Primary Zone Outlets:
Secondary Zone Outlets:
Output Hose Size:
3/8" ID or 1/2" ID
MAX Air Pressure:
Duty Cycle:
100% Continuous
Free to Lower 48 States
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Product Overview

NEW for 2021! 

Zoned Aeration Control System *Patent Pending 

Standard aeration systems send air only to fixed diffuser locations, while other areas of the water body receive little to no aeration.    The ACS-P is a fully programmable, commercial-grade airflow control system.  Airflow is directed to various areas of your pond or lake precisely where and when you decide. 

Many ponds & lakes have areas that could benefit from aeration, but continuous aeration using additional compressors is not practical or is simply too costly to operate.  While a properly designed & installed aeration system may do a great job for most of your lake, it probably provides little benefit to remote areas, such as bays, shallows, recesses or dock areas.

The ACS-P connects to the output of any type/brand of aeration compressor and allows you to litteraly "move" airflow around to various areas of your lake as needed.  Using the ACS-P, your lake can be divided into two main zones:  Primary and Secondary.  The Primary Zone is the area of greatest importance, while the Secondary Zone are the areas that suffer from a lack of aeration.

Airflow is "switched" from any Primary diffuser to the Secondary diffuser at any time - automatically based on your settings.

Take care of your investment!

We're all busy.  The fact is that most people don't check their air filters or compressor until there is a problem and the system is down.  An aeration system that has failed because of dirty intake filters can be really bad news for the creatures that call your pond home!  The ACS-P has built-in maintenence timers that keep track of filter & compressor run times for you.  Just set the time values during setup, and the system will alert you when it's time to check/change the filters.  It will even alert you when it's time to check, replace/rebuild your compressor.

Includes EZ Start Mode!

EZ Start takes the guesswork out of starting up a new system and minimizes the possibilty of a fish kill by easing the system into full operation over a 10-day period.  Just press a button and the ACS takes care of the start-up process for you.  When the 10-day start up is complete, the ACS will automatically begin operating in the mode that was selected during setup.


Main Features




    • High-Gloss Polycarbonate Enclosure
    • UL/NEMA 4X(IP66)
    • Stainless Steel Locking Latches
    • Full Grounding Bar
    • Industrial Terminal Blocks
    • External LED Alarm Beacon
    • Industrial-Grade PLC with Touch-Screen HMI
    • Real-Time Clock with Battery Backup
Operating Modes Manifold & Fittings
    • EZ Start
    • Time of Day (Timeclock)
    • Sequential (Programmable Step Times)
    • De-Icing
    • Pump Control *External relay required

Modes may be changed/re-programmed at any time

    • Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Solid Brass Fittings
    • Anodized Finish
System Monitors Extras
    • Total System Run Hours
    • Air Filter Service Timer
    • Compressor Service Timer
    • Total Compressor Run Hours
    • Total Valve Cycles (per zone)
    • Built-In On-Screen Help Menus
    • Installer Mode - PassCode Protected
    • Automatic Self-Diagnostics


Power Consumption:
    • Less than 40w with all Zones Active



Warranty Information

2-Year Factory Warranty


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