21 Panel AGM Kit for 72 Cell Modules

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Product Overview

U.S. Solar Mounts AGM Ground Mount Kit- 21 Panel, 72 Cell Modules

3 Rows x 7 Columns, Landscape on 4 Poles


  • (4) Cradles
  • Rail Extrusions
  • Torque Tubes
  • Torque Tube Strap & Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 5/16 Stainless Steel Panel Mounting Hardware
  • Torque Tube Clamps & Hot Dipped Galvanized Hardware
  • Torque Tube End Caps
  • AGM Installation Manual
  • Mechanical Drawings
  • Technical Support

The U.S. Solar Mounts AGM Series is a cost-effective and robust PV racking solution. Innovative features like pre-assembled cradles & factory-cut main beams lower on-site installation time dramatically.

The AGM System is very well balanced & allows for extremely easy seasonal elevation changes.

High-quality components & materials used throughout the system ensure a trouble-free system for years to come.

Standard Features:

  • Scalable & Modular Design
  • Pre-Assembled Components
  • Galvanized Structural Parts
  • Compatible with most standard size 60-Cell Modules
  • Very Well-Balanced Design
  • Safe & easy Elevation Adjustments
  • Minimal Civil & Foundation Work
  • Easy, Fast Installation
  • Dual steel torque tubes are factory-cut to length
  • Extruded Aluminum Rails are factory-cut to exact length
  • Installs on standard 4" SCH40 or SCH80 tubing

Very Easy Seasonal Adjustments

The Dual Torque Tube design of the AGM system places the pivot point and the Center of Gravity on the same axis. This arrangement results in a super-rugged, BALANCED structure. In fact, a single person can adjust the elevation angle on a 10KW array with little effort.

Dimensions: 146.02 FT long x 10 FT wide, based on a panel size of 78.46" x 39.41". Different panel size will affect dimensions of array.

Materials: Extruded Structural Aluminum, Galvanized or Zinc Plated Structural Steel, Stainless Steel Hardware

Module Compatibility: Standard 72-Cell Modules

Attachment Type: Stainless Steel, Back-Bolted

Tilt Force Required: Approx. 42 Pounds

Tilt Angle Range: -50 to +50

Adjustment Method: Manual

Number of Poles Required: 4, Installer Supplied

Does Not Include: Modules, Mounting Poles

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Data Sheets:

AGM4 Instruction Manual

AGM Spec Sheet

U.S. Solar Mounts Warranty


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